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How Questco Maintains a 90% Client Retention Rate

How Questco Maintains a 90% Client Retention Rate

Questco is known for having a long history of successes that culminated in winning “Best of HR Services” in 2022 for the third year in a row.  

That is coupled with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that is four times higher than the industry average and a client retention rate of 90%. 

How has Questco consistently hit these high marks?  

It all comes down to The Questco Difference. 

What Is The Questco Difference? 

Since its founding in 1989, Questco has differentiated itself with a flexible service that helps its clients reach higher levels of success. Whether you are new to PEOs or switching PEOs, Questco’s HR services are tailored to match your business needs. 

Apart from Questco’s biggest differentiator–your Questco support squad - several other factors contribute to Questco receiving a high NPS, including; 

  • Proactiveness - The Questco client service providers go above and beyond to answer questions and keep clients updated on the latest rules and regulations that apply to your industry. 
  • Responsiveness - A call for help from Questco clients is swiftly acted upon to provide immediate relief when problems arise.  
  • Clarity - With a dedicated support squad for every client, customer needs are heard, understood, analyzed, and responded to carefully. 
  • Value - The quality of service Questco provides to its clients is high for the cost paid by the client. 

When you partner with Questco, you are choosing to work with a human resource partner who values customer satisfaction, enhanced by the Questco support squad. 

The Secret Ingredient: Your Support Squad 

Each client is assigned their own support squad to easily access professionals with expertise in all areas of human resources.  

Support squads share several characteristics. 

1. Comprehensive and Dedicated 

When you are a Questco customer, a comprehensive and dedicated team is assembled just for you. Your support squad will include a dedicated:  

  • Payroll specialist - To process payroll and provide support 
  • HR specialist - To ensure regulatory compliance and best practices for simple and complex matters 
  • Client success manager - Serves as the first point of contact to answer questions and support needs as soon as possible. 
  • Benefits specialists - Supports the client on all benefits-related escalations and questions. 
  • Benefits account manager - Assists with plan design, strategy, and renewals of your benefits. 

Your support squad also includes other shared including: 

  • The national finance and tax team - A team of professionals that supports federal and state payroll tax matters. 
  • The national customer care center - Supports all employee-related questions. 
  • The national client administration team - Dedicated to support employment verification, FMLA support, unemployment support, and background checks and screening. 
  • The national risk and safety team - Supports clients with all safety needs, including claims management, safety training, and on-site workplace safety assessment.

2. Experienced, Live HR Consultants

Questco doesn’t use a call center to answer client questions. Some reasons why call centers can be a problem include the following:  

  • Generic answers or canned responses which don’t offer an immediate solution to your problem 
  • The lack of a dedicated customer support team 
  • Lack of industry-specific experience 

Most of our HR professionals have 20+ years of experience, and our payroll team has advanced certifications, providing clients with customized and flexible services. 

3. Low Staff Turnover

Questco understands that a single point of contact makes the relationship seamless. Switching points of contact due to staff changes can break this dynamic. 
That’s why Questco’s low staff turnover rate is so important. When you partner with Questco, you can expect to talk to the same person year after year. As time passes, your support squad will only grow closer and gain a deeper understanding of your business.

4. Earned Trust

Building trust for a healthy business relationship is a lengthy process that requires patience and consistency. You cannot expect trust without a solid reason and proof of dependable work. Having a partner that understands your company’s direction makes it easy for you to conduct your business.  

The Questco Difference is Real 

Questco is a professional employer organization (PEO) that aims to consistently provide high-quality and unmatched HR services to its service consumers. The culture of unwavering commitment to serving clients and their people makes Questco an award-winning HR outsourcing company in the U.S. 

For our HR services, including payroll, compliance, safety and worker’s compensation, HR operations, HR technology, and employee benefits, contact us today

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