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What is an NPS Score and Why Should You Care?

What is an NPS Score and Why Should You Care?

There are lots of metrics in business used to make quick decisions and provide status checks on operations. However, not all of them focus on what the customer actually wants. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key measurement of exactly that – customer satisfaction. Questco scores extremely high on the NPS, with its outsourced HR services rated by the recipients themselves.

How the NPS Score is Determined

The NPS Score outsourced HR industry benchmark is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Customers are asked one question about a business they have used for service or bought a product from. The evaluation score ranges from -100 to +100; the higher the positive score, the better. The question itself is simple but powerful: on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend X company to a friend or peer?  

To calculate the Net Promoter Score, those that answered with a “9” or “10” score are Promoters, and score a +100.  Those that answer with a “7” or “8” are neutral, scoring a zero. And everyone scoring a “6” or below is a potential Detractor, and scores a -100.  The score is calculated by subtracting the Detractors from the Promoters. Questco’s Net Promoter Score was a 72 when independent researcher ClearlyRated evaluated the company with its customers. The figure isn’t just good, it’s considered industry-leading and world class.  In comparison, the average score for outsourced HR industry players was a 16. In terms of the specific recommendation factor, almost 80 percent of companies strongly agreed they would recommend Questco to others. Again, in comparison, other outsourced HR providers received only 42 percent at best.

Why Questco Performed Better

When one looks at Questco closely, the reasons the company stands out with such a high outsourced HR NPS score begin to make real sense. These factors include:

  • Responsiveness – Customer calls and needs for help are responded to quickly.
  • Quality – The work provided is high quality and doesn’t have errors of logic or accuracy.
  • Value – The service delivered is a high value for the cost paid.
  • Clarity – The customers’ needs are responded to, understood and analyzed carefully.
  • Proactiveness – The Questco client service providers not only answer questions, but also find ways to help the company even without being asked specifically.

Partner Your Company with a Best-in-class PEO

When your company partners with Questco you’re choosing to work with a human resources partner that isn’t just outstanding based on its own opinion--but as measured alongside others in the industry. They stand above the competition, objectively rated by the most brutally-objective evaluators – the satisfaction of their customers. 

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