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5 Ways Outsourced HR Helps Increase Sales

5 Ways Outsourced HR Helps Increase Sales

Your HR department provides the backbone of your company, including many essential elements that can help improve your sales team's success. The same holds true when HR is outsourced. That’s why outsourcing HR to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can enhance the sales power of a company in several ways. 

How PEOs Increase Sales

There are five primary ways that PEOs help your sales team become more efficient.

1. Attract Better Salespeople

To increase your sales power, you need competent, capable salespeople: ideally, the best in your area. Working closely with a PEO can help you become an employer of choice, setting your business apart so that the top talent wants to work for you. Exactly what it means to be an employer of choice may depend heavily on your specific organization and industry; however, there are some realities that hold true across organizations and across industries. Employers of choice:

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Provide employees with meaningful work. PEOs take on administrative burdens and streamline tedious HR-related processes.This gives employees more time to focus on what interests them most.

Facilitate the opportunities they need to develop their skills. A PEO can help you implement a training strategy that delivers better opportunities to your salespeople, which will often help them become more effective members of your team and encourage them to stick with your business. 

Maintain great company culture. Your outsourced HR team handles administrative burdens so you can focus on creating a positive company culture that feeds into being an employer of choice.

2. Retain Veteran Employees

In addition to helping you find the top talent in your field, a PEO can help you maintain your veteran employees. Employee turnover can cost your business immensely. A PEO can provide you with the tools you need to keep your employees happy in their positions for a long time. Incentives that foster employee longevity include:

  • Providing competitive benefits
  • Ensuring that you hire the right people from the beginning
  • Creating a company culture in which those employees are valued and recognized

As more of your tenured employees stay on, you'll find a proportionate increase in customer satisfaction which can ultimately increase your overall sales. Veteran salespeople provide the extra touch that can help bring customers back for future purchases and encourages them to recommend your business to others. 

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3. Engage Your Workforce 

There are other advantages to having a PEO in assisting to help strengthen your company culture and decrease turnover. Thanks to the fact that employees want to stick with the company longer, they're now able to build better relationships with the employer and also with each other.

Relationships help build engagement. Engagement, in turn, substantially increases employee performance. Engaged employees spend more hours each day focused on the job tasks in front of them and have better outcomes. They're more innovative, more connected, and more likely to go the extra mile, rather than doing the bare minimum. Ultimately, this means a significant increase in productivity across your company and also helps to strengthen the company culture as well. 

4. Streamline HRIS Training

When you work closely with a PEO, you get access to consolidated training software that can significantly improve the efficiency and capability of the onboarding process. It takes time to train a new employee. Employees need to learn how to use your systems, how to answer customer questions about your products, and, in many cases, how to improve their sales behaviors in order to increase their success rates. That training may prove vital to the success of your organization, but the longer it drags out, the longer it takes employees to start selling. 

Streamlined training, on the other hand, can allow employees to get up to speed quicker so that they can start selling faster. This means less time spent on training and more time working directly with customers. 

5. Stay Legally Compliant

HR compliance is critical in the modern world. Not only must your organization stay on top of the latest requirements for general businesses, but you also have to track the specific requirements in your industry. Non-compliance can interrupt workflows and create a host of distractions. This lowers the productivity of your sales force especially when the regulations in question relate to employees.

A PEO Is the Ideal HR Solution

When you work with a PEO, you'll get access to a team of experts who stay abreast of the latest compliance regulations and help ensure that your business meets them at all times. You won't have to worry about a regulation slipping by since your PEO will work to ensure that you have the latest information and your systems are as compliant as possible. 

HR has a huge impact on your sales team, including whether sales are increasing or decreasing. Outsourcing HR can ensure that your company has the tools needed to keep HR processes flowing smoothly. In turn, this can enhance your company's ability to increase sales, setting you up for overall success. 

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