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How Questco Helped Master Machine Formalize a Safety Program that Streamlined their Business

How Questco Helped Master Machine Formalize a Safety Program that Streamlined their Business

For a long time, Master Machine ran a successful operation by manufacturing and producing machine parts. While the company's primary income-generating activity flourished, the lack of a safety program raised pertinent questions amongst its business partners. Over time, more clients started demanding proof of safety programs as part of their contractual obligations.

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This placed Master Machine at risk of losing business because of a safety program that they considered a tangential component of their business. Fortunately, the company's management team acted with speed and contacted Questco to help them set up the much-needed safety program.

Importance of Safety Program for Master Machine

The customer demand for proof of existing safety programs led the leadership at Master Machine to conduct its study on the necessity of implementing such a program. Their investigations unearthed the loopholes that could potentially put their workers at risk and cost the company money.  These included:

  • Losses during production
  • Higher premiums for workers' compensation insurance
  • Loss of wages for unperformed work
  • Equipment or machinery damage
  • Unnecessary costs for hiring and training new employees
  • Reduced product quality
  • Reduced  worker morale
  • Higher turnover amongst employees and lost work time

According to Master Machine's owner, Patty Atkinson, "Questco helped us formalize a safety program. We received all the forms we needed, the information for inspections, materials to use in our shop meetings, and they suggested monthly safety topics to cover in our meetings."

How Questco Successfully Implemented the Safety Program

Questco successfully facilitated a customized safety program at Master Machine, yielding immediate, impactful results across the company. The HR experts used an educative and supportive approach to address the safety concerns and other work environment issues that the manufacturer was facing. The following are the measures that Questco undertook to ensure that the safety program created would be successful and profitable for its client:

  • Initial Needs Assessment

Even though Questco knew that Master Machine wanted to set up a formal safety program from the onset, its team of experts still held consultations and evaluations before embarking on the task. They interacted with the employees at Master Machine to understand the company’s operations, work processes, and environment. Moreover, the HR experts also took note of the risks and necessary safety training based on the various job roles at Master Machine. This initial assessment ensured that Questco came up with a practical and customized plan of action that helped form the functional and practical safety program.

  • Employee Involvement

While most safety risks in manufacturing are experienced in production lines, Questco experts knew that the success of the safety program would depend on employee engagement. This is why they involved every employee in the process, including the administrative officers. This boosted the motivation of the employees as they embraced the framework.

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  • Automating Processes and Documentations

One of the things that the CEO of Master Machine highlighted about working with experts from Questco was the easy access to essential documents. Automation ensured that the management, employees, and clients of Master Machine could obtain safety information without any hassles. At the same time, proof of the safety program was automatically recorded for client viewing.

Benefits that Master Machine Got from Outsourcing HR Solutions

Apart from complying with their client demands by putting in place an effective safety framework, Master Machine reaped many other benefits from outsourcing HR services to Questco.

The company increased its production and quality of work, leading to higher revenues. This was as a direct result of the new safety policies and having employees trained on how to implement them. The number of injuries reported at the workplace was significantly reduced. The new safety rules also motivated employees and boosted their performance because they were reassured of their work safety. Due to their successful relationship, Master Machine engaged Questco on other HR projects.

The challenges discovered by Master Machine are not unique to the company, and many other manufacturers also face similar issues. Creating a formal safety program is a viable and unavoidable solution, but it comes with its own hurdles. Without proper knowledge and expertise, you can mistakenly implement an ineffective safety framework and redirect your resources and efforts from your main business activity. That is why companies like Master Machine opt for outsourced HR solutions. If your company is facing HR-related issues, you should contact Questco and set up a consultation that will yield tailored solutions.

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