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Why HR Administrators Love PEOs

Why HR Administrators Love PEOs

The role of an HR administrator is fast-paced, and it is vital that an admin is able to stay on the ball, while remaining efficient and accurate.

One of the difficult parts of being an HR administrator is that there is no typical day in the office — every day is going to be different. It is vital to stay organized and give careful consideration, in liaison with the HR management team, to ensure the particular needs of everyone are met. 

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HR tasks like organizing personnel records, updating HR databases, preparing HR documents, etc. can be extremely time-consuming and burdensome. Most companies turn to other solutions to relieve some pressure, including working with a Professional Employment Organization(PEO)

This is why it is so important to find an experienced PEO to assist with your HR and administrative burdens. PEOs should have the ability to assess, evaluate, and monitor programs and policies that work for your company and your employees. Everyone in the workplace will benefit when a PEO enters the picture. Here are just some of the ways HR administrators in particular benefit from Professional Employer Organizations.

PEOs Remove Administrative Burdens 

Things like differing pay rates, payroll taxes, commission, state and federal withholding amounts can complicate things for any company. Every payroll cycle is going to be different. There are many variables that can make a payroll cycle challenging. PEOs can make the administrative process associated with payroll simpler.

PEOs can make payroll administration simple. A PEO will take the stress out of payroll by processing payroll and remitting payroll taxes.

A PEO will provide your company with access to HR experts who will be knowledgeable in every aspect of labor compliance and employment compliance. The HR experts will counsel you on how each law is applied and provide best practices for policies, training, employees, and more. A PEO will also allow you to have access to an extensive library of HR documents and resources, such as the following:

  • Pre-employment forms
  • New hire packets with tax credit forms
  • Disciplinary forms
  • Employee chance forms
  • Employee termination forms
  • Counseling & evaluation document

PEOs are a Trusted Advisor

Over the years, you have listened to many trusted advisors who have assisted in keeping your company on track. You consult with lawyers, bankers, CPAs, and more to assist with the different issues that come up in your business. A PEO can be not only a trusted advisor, but a valued partner in the success of your company.

PEOs provide access to HR consultants who will guide your company on benefits administration and other complex HR topics. Compared to companies that do not have a PEO as one of their trusted advisors, those who partner with a PEO will experience the following:

  • Higher growth rate
  • Lower employee turnover rate
  • Greater HR administration savings
  • Higher participating in retirement plans

There are hundreds of regulations and laws that a company will have to follow in order to remain compliant with the labor laws set by state labor agencies and federal labor agencies. A PEO will ensure you are proactively kept up-to-date on the HR laws and regulations. PEOs can also perform labor law compliance audits of your company to identify any risks or violations. Once a risk or violation is identified, the PEO will ensure those issues are addressed.

PEOs Consolidate Software

PEO software can be used to combine a range of functionalities and features into a comprehensive platform. The use of high-quality PEO software in this digitally-powered world will make HR simpler and more straightforward.

The software consolidates onboarding, payroll, reporting, and employee self-service portals. It reduces complexity so managers can perform key tasks easily and quickly. The software can be accessed on any device, including mobile phones. Best-in-class PEO software even works in Spanish.

Focus on Core Priorities

By outsourcing payroll and other employee-related tasks, PEOs will allow you to focus on your core priorities. Business growth is over 5 percent higher in companies that partner with PEOs in terms of the number of employees. Companies that partner with a PEO are also 50 percent less likely to go out of business because the PEO is shouldering the burden of HR and administrative tasks.

Working with a PEO will allow you to step away from the challenging and time-consuming tasks in your HR department and allow you to place attention on your core priorities and initiatives. When there is a partnership with a PEO, your workload will be lessened and your life will be easier. 

A PEO will help you strategically fill positions, onboard new hires, develop policies, process payroll, handle benefits administration, and more. Partnering with an ideal PEO can allow HR administrators to have custom solutions aligned with the company's key objectives. HR administrators love working with a PEO because it supports them in every aspect of their job.

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Esther Ellington

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