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The Rules of Productivity for Business Owners

The Rules of Productivity for Business Owners

Even the most savvy business owners can sometimes lose track when it comes to focusing on productivity. As an owner, it’s critical to remember your productivity directly translates to higher profits, and serves as an example to everyone down the ladder. Take a look at the three rules of productivity for business owners to focus on:

1. Divide your high-value tasks from the low-value ones

Never do anything someone else can do better or less expensively. Free yourself up to do the high-profit activities that drive the success of your business. Innovate, create, market, and focus on clients. Not hassle with payroll with HR issues!

2. Prioritize the tasks by profitability, urgency, and maximum value

Organize your tasks by profitability, due date, or urgency using your best judgment for what matters most to the overall success of your business. Product or service innovation will take priority over hashing out a 401k plan or ACA Compliance.

3. Focus on completing the highest value tasks first

Cut out distractions as much as possible. Make sure your staff knows when you don’t want to be disturbed or hire the right people to protect your time.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) like Questco are one-stop service partners that enable business owners to focus on running their business instead of managing administrative and compliance issues. Questco offers your employees benefits that would normally only be available at much larger companies, eliminates non-productive tasks, and allows you to stay focused on what counts: growth and retaining customers!

Questco gives our customers the advantage of experience and flexibility. For over 30 years, Questco has worked to find the best strategies for your business, and at the best cost to you. Give us a call at (800) 256-7823 and get started streamlining your business today!

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