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Questco's Top Five Blog Posts of 2022

Questco's Top Five Blog Posts of 2022

Questco is proud to have given our readers advice on a wide range of HR topics, from cost savings to managing unemployment claims. Our top blog posts showed that our readers were focused on employee retention, choosing the right PEO partner, and dealing with bad employee behavior. Here are our five most popular blog posts for 2022: 

1. Quest Wins "Best of HR Services" Award 

We were proud to announce that we won ClearlyRated's "Best of HR Services" Award in our February blog post. The award is designed to make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to find the best PEOs. ClearlyRated's ranking system uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, revealing that 76% of our customers would likely recommend us to a friend or colleague. Read the post to learn how our rankings compare to the average HR provider. 

2. The Problem with Tiny PEOs 

If you're considering working with a small PEO, you've probably heard great things about the personalized attention and support it can offer. Larger companies can indeed become bureaucratic and inflexible, and they might prioritize cost savings over providing the best service. However, opting for a tiny PEO can come with other problems. We discuss these in our blog post.  

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3. How Outsourcing HR Can Increase Retention Rates 

Depending on the job search process's complexity, replacing an employee can cost anywhere from half a year to two years' worth of their salary. Fortunately, working with a PEO can decrease turnover by 10-14%. We discuss how partnering with a PEO can help encourage your employees to stick around. 

4. How to Find a PEO You Can Trust 

We've talked plenty about the benefits of PEOs, but choosing the right one to work with your business isn't so simple. You'll need to trust your PEO with important decisions and information. These include compliance with safety and hiring regulations, choosing benefits plans, handling payroll, and accessing employee data. Finding the right business for such an important role can be overwhelming. We talk about how to do it in this blog post. 

5. How to Get Bullying Training for Managers 

Bullying can be just as serious in the workplace as in schools. It should be evident that bullying can create an unpleasant work environment, which hurts productivity and threatens your company's reputation, but it can also create legal risks. Discriminatory bullying could lead to an EEO violation or an expensive lawsuit. Savvy managers will want to educate themselves about how to notice, prevent and respond to bullying on their teams. We discuss how to find these training opportunities in this blog post. 

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