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Questco Announces the Launch of Podcast “Inspiring Questco”

Questco Announces the Launch of Podcast “Inspiring Questco”

Listen in as the Questco team explores the inner workings of the HR process. We’ll hear stories from members of the Questco team and celebrate their successes as we share a little about what makes them - and our Questco organization - so special. 

Keep reading for a brief summary of each episode. Click the episode to listen!  

Episode 1. Shawna Smith 

In this episode of the Inspiring Questco podcast, we are joined by Strategic Sales Director Shawna Smith. Shawna’s journey to the Strategic Sales Director role exemplifies how consistent hard work and personal growth can pay dividends. People may not always see all that goes into leading a department from scratch. Still, she has succeeded in doing so by demonstrating a combination of grit, determination, and humility that I admire.  

Episode 2. Patsy Montonya 

Patsy Montoya is a Human Resources Consultant at Questco. She has worked in Human Resources for 22 years, with 12 years in the healthcare industry and ten years in the technology industry. She has served as an HR consultant for two Colorado-based companies, including Questco, where she currently works. Patsy is passionate about helping organizations grow their people and culture to support their business objectives. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, and reading. 

Patsy is so relatable and down to earth; you’ll feel like you already know her just from hearing about her interests and hobbies. But since she’s been in the field of Human Resources for so long, you’ll also see how she applies for her work outside of work. 

Episode 3. Jamara Bates and Amanda Harper 

It’s always enjoyable to hear from people who are doing well. This interview is the perfect opportunity to learn about two real bosses and what drives them. And it should be a great model for others on how to succeed in business. 

Episode 4. Kim Butcher 

Kim Butcher is truly a unique individual. She demonstrates Questco’s core values of integrity and honesty by remaining personable with her clients. She strives to develop relationships because she values people and the unique challenges they face in their daily lives. This dedication matches well with Questco’s goal of providing quality service, and we are proud to have Kim as part of the team. 

Episode 5. Searra Silverberg 

Questco will always work with a qualified CSM to find the right talent for the right business. Searra has invested her time and energy in helping our company field the best team possible to support our growth objectives and client needs.  

Episode 6. Angela Casteel 

Throughout our conversation, Angela consistently voiced her genuine enthusiasm for Questco and her dedication to the success of our organization—and that kind of enthusiasm and dedication is contagious! She’s a tremendous asset to the Questco team! 

Episode 7. Grant Garrison  

This episode of “Inspiring Questco” is divided into two segments. The first segment is about Grant’s sales career. He gives us some great insight into how he has succeeded in a complex sales environment, which included issues such as meeting the demands of large customers, staying motivated during a sales cycle, and creating a rich life outside of work. 

Episode 8. Amy Cowan 

Overall, Amy Cowan shared many exciting insights into the design, production, and fulfillment process that Questco uses to bring awesome designs to market. This interview illuminated some of the reasons why Questco has been so successful over the past few years. It was also a great insight into how Questco’s recent offerings expanded the company’s reach. 

Episode 9. Elia Hagen 

If you’re selling a heavily technology-oriented product and aren’t investing enough in your marketing department, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Elia is a talented problem solver who is especially gifted at establishing trust, which can take a long time to build up, if it exists at all. But she did better than earn our clients’ trust - they were her biggest advocates and helped spur Questco on to success. She understands people better than most marketers do, and it shows. The bottom line: sometimes you need more than just easy access to your clients or well-developed processes when you’re selling complex products. In these instances, you might also want an advocate like Elia on your side. 

Episode 10. Melinda Northup 

This interview is upbeat, professional, and enlightening. In summary, Melinda’s contagious positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond her job description provide Questco and our clients with great value. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn from Melinda or get inspired by her stories of overcoming adversities. 

Episode 11. Beth Becker 

In this podcast, Beth Becker, Senior Payroll Specialist at Questco, discusses her journey through the world of payroll and HR. She begins by sharing how she got started with Questco and how much she enjoys helping customers. Beth then talks about some of the challenges that she faces in her role, as well as what it’s like to work with a small company like Questco. 

Episode 12. Trezlynn Eldridge 

Trezlynn’s podcast episode offered a great look at the growing field of human resources and what you can do with a degree in this field. If you’re considering a path along similar lines, or if you have already started down that path, this episode is worth listening to, as it will give you a good sense of the challenges you might face. 

Episode 13. Gina Sandford and Ashlee Spencer 

The best companies are founded by people who love their work and their coworkers. They’re communities where diverse sets of people with different backgrounds work together to promote and support each other, as well as the company’s mission. Great workplaces make you feel like you belong, no matter where you come from or what you believe in. And in the end, that’s a feeling worth fighting at a startup for. This is what Gina and Ashlee bring to the table and discuss in this episode.  

Episode 14. Lori Prince 

It’s clear that Lori is passionate about her career and about Questco. She strives for excellence, relentless pursuit of knowledge and growth, and effectiveness in communication all make her a perfect representative for Questco, and it’s clear from this conversation why she is highly valued. 

Episode 15. Mallory Glessner 

Mallory Glessner is an exceptional leader and manager who is clearly the “go-to” person at Questco, where she leads continuous improvement. She offers her experience and knowledge to clients and to her Questco colleagues with a refreshing humility that is coupled with a contagious enthusiasm for learning, working smarter, and applying these skills for truly meaningful impact. Mallory is as thoroughly impressive in person as she appears on social media... a genuinely kind, warm, intelligent leader who goes far in life by never losing sight of what matters in this world: people – family, friends, colleagues... and clients.” 

Episode 16. Emily Duncan 

Emily is a longtime member of the Questco team, and she has made numerous contributions throughout her long career. She currently leads the team that takes care of business operations, helping ensure that every single client gets the attention they need to create a successful project. Emily’s background in business operations sets her apart from many other executives, giving her the perfect perspective to make sure that clients get exactly what they want out of Questco’s services. 

We hope you enjoy listening to “Inspiring Questco.” If you are looking for any HR assistance, contact us today

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