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Podcast: Talking Atari with Wade Rosen

Podcast: Talking Atari with Wade Rosen

Join host Jason Randall and guest Wade Rosen, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Atari Société Anonyme (Atari SA), as they discuss some essential business topics. Hear Wade talk about his journey growing up around his family's business (Rosen's Diversified, Inc.). Next, Wade talks about entering into entrepreneurship and how he went from disaster to success. Then, listen on to find out how he defied conventional wisdom to chase his passion for video games. He also discusses his philosophy behind making himself obsolete in his own company. The discussion continues as they talk about the future of Atari, including some ventures into cryptocurrency. To finish out the show, they discuss managing work/life balance and advice Wade would give to his younger self. Be sure to listen to the full episode today. 

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About Wade Rosen 

CEO & Chairman of the board of Atari. Serves on the board and as a strategic advisor to a handful of international and multi-million dollar organizations in addition to his responsibilities at Atari.  


  • Navigating involvement in multi-billion dollar family business  
  • Forging own path outside of family business  
  • Pursue your passion. Find joy in what you do! 
  • No CEO is a hero. Be open to growth. Constantly make yourself obsolete in the organization 
  • What are the key characteristics in people you work with? Passion for excellence, high integrity, strong communication skills 

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