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Podcast: Running a Successful Firm with Tad Edwards and Douglas Rubenstein

Podcast: Running a Successful Firm with Tad Edwards and Douglas Rubenstein

Join host Jason Randall and guests Benjamin Tad Edwards and Doug Rubenstein, two senior leaders from Benjamin F. Edwards, a wealth management firm, as they share some special insights on their beginnings and success in financial services. The two share their journey from their days at A.G. Edwards up until the firm was acquired in the summer of 2007. Listen to Tad talk about how he had to rise and build the proud Edwards name after the acquisition and marvel at how he was able to use his rich family legacy to help him build a strong company bearing the proud Edwards tag once again.   

Next, Tad shares how love and passion are essential elements of running a successful business. Reminding employees that they are an integral part of the company goes a long way in motivating them and letting them know that they are appreciated. Doug also shares the impact of servant leadership and how it helps build character and culture as a company grows. Tad and Doug discuss how a friendship rooted in deep history and trust helped run a successful business. The discussion also focuses on how to handle the friendship component in a workplace relationship as well as the importance of building an environment that revolves around teamwork.  

Listen to Doug talk about his learning curve from investment banker to COO, and how the two senior leaders have found success in working with a team to offer outside perspective and advice. Tad also discusses the significance of the Edwards tagline, "investment for generations," and how it helps shape their operations. Finally, listen in for some unique insights into how you can build your business into the future. 

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About Doug and Tad 

Senior leaders from Benjamin F. Edwards & Company, a national wealth management firm with 33 billion dollars in assets under management made possible by over 600 employees serving 76 offices in 29 states. Chairman & CEO, Benjamin ‘Tad’ Edwards and Chief Operating Officer, Doug Rubenstein. 


  • Longtime friends turned colleagues and the complexities that presents 
  • Navigating the pressure of being a 5th generation and continuing family legacy of 134 years in business 
  • How your perspective changes moving from a large public company to an entrepreneurial organization 
  • How to maintain friendship through business and outside of the office 
  • How to stand apart from your competition 
  • Advice for running operations smoothly in a complex business that is growing fast 

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