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Podcast: Building a Skincare Line with Real Housewife Whitney Rose

Podcast: Building a Skincare Line with Real Housewife Whitney Rose

Join host Jason Randall and guest Whitney Rose, one of the stars on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and owner of Iris and Beau, as they discuss important business topics. Hear Whitney talk about the origins of her business, and how she created her skincare line without chemistry experience. Then, listen on to hear them talk about tips for starting your own business. Next, find out how Whitney equipped her family and friends to be an effective support system for her business and home life. After that, Whitney talks about the benefits of building a great team, the difficulties of letting her original team go, and the importance of company culture. The discussion continues as they talk about rebranding Iris and Beau, the pros and cons of being authentic online, and tips for building a social media profile. To finish out the show, Whitney discusses the next steps for her company, including changing manufacturers and going into retail stores. Be sure to listen to the full episode. 

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About Whitney Rose 

Whitney Rose is of the stars of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the Owner of the skincare line Iris & Beau 


  • Began her business trying to solve a problem she had, complicated skin, developed a solution through her line of anti-aging products made with natural ingredients 
  • Play on your strengths and find people that are good at what you are not 
  • The importance of building your team at home-how impactful communication at home can help with navigating challenging times with your business
  • Company rebrand to ‘wild rose’ 
  • Being a public figure and how it affects your professional life 
  • How to grow your social media presence 
  • What to do when you’ve outgrown your initial team 

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