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Podcast: Breaking Gender Barriers with Alaina Macia

Podcast: Breaking Gender Barriers with Alaina Macia

Join host Jason Randall and guest Alaina Macia, the CEO of Medical Transportation Management (MTM), as they discuss some essential business topics. Hear the origin story of Alaina's company and rise to leadership. Then, learn the importance of building a team, the qualities of a great leader, and how to use consultants. Next, Alaina talks about MTM's growth path, including her mistakes and successes. The discussion continues as they talk about the need for delegation, building a good work culture, the importance of accountability, and how to tackle family relationships at work. To finish out the show, they talk about advancing the careers of women, next steps for MTM, and encouraging a work/life balance among all members of the workplace.  Be sure to listen to the full episode today. 

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About Alaina Macia 

President & CEO of St. Louis based company MTM, provider of health care services and non-emergency medical transportation. Every year MTM removes medical barriers for 12 million people by proving more than 20 million trips in 32 states as well as the district of Columbia. Company growth from 30 million to 700 million. 


  • How to accomplish substantial company growth
  • How to navigate taking on leadership position at family run business
  • How to navigate taking on a leadership role at a young age
  • Removing the gender barrier in business

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