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How US Cloud Streamlined HR with Questco

How US Cloud Streamlined HR with Questco

When Matthew Harris, the CEO of US Cloud, found his company facing a growing administrative burden and increasing HR costs, he knew he needed an HR solution. That’s why he came to Questco – where he found HR support and formed a long-lasting partnership to help his company grow.

The Partnership Between US Cloud and Questco

The collaboration between US Cloud and Questco kicked off at a critical juncture. US Cloud was rapidly growing from a robust team of 50 to over 100 employees. This scale of growth brought with it the challenge of maintaining operational efficiency without sacrificing the company's culture or values.

That’s where Questco stepped in, bringing their team of experts to help US Cloud manage these burdens to focus on revenue-generating activities.

By providing tailored HR solutions, Questco enabled US Cloud to circumvent a potential spike in employee benefit costs and find financial savings amidst growth.

Questco's HR solutions also streamlined their payroll processing down from a six-hour burden to a mere 20 minutes – giving US Cloud's HR team spent their significantly more time to focus on fostering a strong company culture and embedding the company's values into its rapidly expanding workforce.

See the Questco and US Cloud Partnership in Our Video!

This partnership between US Cloud and Questco shows how the right HR support can transform a company from the inside out. It demonstrates that growth, efficiency, and maintaining a company’s values are attainable with the right partner.

To see this transformation in action and to hear directly from Matthew Harris about his experience, check out the full case study on our website!

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