How Apache Oil Company Grew Their Bottom Line with HR Outsourcing

Posted by Questco on February 21, 2020 at 11:46 AM

The Problem

Apache Oil Company, a highly entrepreneurial fuel and oil distribution company, is always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency and cost savings. After finding that their HR and benefits costs could be contained with outsourcing, they set out to find an outsourced HR partner.

The Solution

Charlie Reeves, Questco’s Senior Business Development Manager, came onsite to Apache Oil Company to formulate a plan specific to their needs. As Apache Oil Company's HR director Christina Alford notes, “Questco has been right there, from the very beginning, from implementation to everything else needed to deal with on a daily basis.” After consultation with Questco experts, Alford was able to consolidate not only payroll but also benefits administration. “The support we get daily,” Alford reports, “is unparalleled...they really took the time to learn what we are about and what our needs are.” 

The Results

Within a year, Questco reduced Apache Oil Company’s payroll and benefits costs, which resulted in “huge cost savings,” according to Apache President Kenny Isbell. He maintains that, since partnering with Questco, “the main way our business has grown is our bottom line has grown. And it allows us to focus on what’s important: our business.” 

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