Derek Carlstrom Wins Talent Superhero

Posted by Questco on July 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM


Each year, the Center for Sales Strategy scouts companies to find “Talent Superheros.” These are the individuals in a company who go beyond leaping tall buildings in a single bound. They are responsible for recruiting, selecting, developing, and retaining some of the top performers in their markets each and every day. Each year, only 12 individuals win this award.

We are proud to announce that Questco’s own Derek Carlstrom, Vice President of Sales Growth, is one of 2019’s Talent Superheros. Questco CEO Jason Randall recounted how Derek has saved the day on multiple occasions by recruiting and developing a team of talented sellers. He went beyond standard sales training to personally mentor new salespeople. This included frequent accountability check-ins to ensure the quantity and quality of prospect interactions.

Derek’s skill at attracting and coaching talent enabled Questco to hire new-to-industry producers that perform at a rate much higher than industry averages for seasoned veterans. These rookies are directly responsible for the beat of Questco’s entire sales budget. Randall makes no qualms about how pleased he has been with Derek’s performance: “We feel blessed to have Derek as part of our leadership team.” 

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