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5 Ways Your Dog Can Keep You On-Task During Remote Work

5 Ways Your Dog Can Keep You On-Task During Remote Work

Some people think working from home with their pets can be a distraction to their work and productivity. Yet, the reality is that dogs can not only help you work better, but they provide you with an amazing stress release from your demanding job. Working from home with your dog will allow you to spend more time with your four-legged friend while improving the quality of both of your lives. If you think that's too good to be true, let us show you why your dog is, in fact, a "man's best friend."

The Happiness Factor

Trying to remain positive during difficult times can be daunting. This is especially true when people are going through a crisis that seems to have no end in sight. However, leaning on the companionship of your furry friend can help tremendously. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), dogs have a calming presence about them known as the "pet effect." Your dog not only supplies you with constant love and affection but to many, they are a member of the family that provides 74% of their owners with mental health improvements. What more can you ask from your pet during these hard times?

Keeps You on Track

So now that you know that your dog makes your life happier, you may be thinking that's great! But how does that make me more productive? Well, let us tell you. When you work from home, you may feel that maintaining a routine can be difficult. Without the same regimen in place, it may be challenging getting into the swing of things. However, working with your pet can make you even that more efficient:

  • Schedule: Dogs need a routine. They need to be fed and walked at similar times during the day. When you establish this sense of consistency, it can help you be more productive with your projects during the day, knowing you have a built-in schedule. 
  • More Responsible: Knowing that you have someone relying on you to take a break and meet their needs can help you stay more responsible throughout the day. You know what you need to get done before you head out on a walk, which will have you checking off your to-do list that much faster.

Heart Friendly

Many people often complain that their biggest issue working at the office is the lack of breaks. They find themselves sitting the whole day, which can be a detriment to their health. Well, working with your dog can not only give you a much-needed break you need, but it can improve your overall health in the process.

  • Mental Break: Instead of heading to the break room for a sugary treat, taking a break, and giving your dog some TLC will not only give your mind a breather that it needs, but it can boost your endorphins and give you the mental stimulation you want. 
  • Workout: If you love heading to the gym, it may be hard to transition to staying healthy while being stuck at home. However, your dog can take your physical fitness to a whole new level. Whether you walk, run, sprint, or just play, your dog will give you the exercise you need and want daily. 
  • Productivity: Taking that break and getting your blood flowing will not only help your waistline, but it will improve overall productivity as well.  Your mind will be more alert, more aware, and be ready to tackle your next big project with ease. 

Keeps You Present

The workday can become a mundane activity over time. You come in, sit down at your desk, and work the day away, not realizing where the time has gone. That is why the occasional interruption from your dog is not necessarily a bad thing. Pausing throughout the day to check on your furry best friend will help you stay sane, stay present, and help you from burning out over time. Instead of thinking of it as a disturbance, think of it as a way to get that much-needed time-out during the day, so you can appreciate what you are doing. 

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

No workplace is free of stress and anxiety, and working from home is no exception. However, when you have a friend with you at all times that you can lean on during difficult moments, tackling these problems may become a lot easier. When times get tough, your pet can provide you with the sense of calm that you need. 

  • Playing: When you feel that anxiety start to creep up, taking a break and going for a walk or just playing with your dog can give you a break you need. Not only will it provide you with numerous positive health benefits, but it can help your mind get the clarity it requires to evaluate the situation at hand.
  • Less Stress: Studies have found that taking dogs to work can reduce an employee's stress level and make their job that much more satisfying.  Working with your dog not only provides you with a release, but it allows you to build up your morale while improving your performance level at the same time. 

Working from home can provide you with mixed reactions. However, when you take a look at all the benefits that it can bring, especially when you get to work from home with your pet, you may be surprised by how much you get from this experience. Instead of feeling like you are stuck at home, let your dog's pooch power take over and start enjoying all the health perks that you get from this time together.

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