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4 Key Benefits Your Healthcare Plan Needs to Elevate Your Employee Experience

4 Key Benefits Your Healthcare Plan Needs to Elevate Your Employee Experience

Does your healthcare plan offer physical and mental wellness initiatives? According to a recent Gallup poll, engaged employees are less likely to have health problems. Actively disengaged employees have 2.17 unhealthy days per month, or days when health problems limited their activity, compared with 1.25 unhealthy days for engaged employees. 

One way to increase engagement - and experience higher productivity and less absenteeism - is to provide benefits that promote health and wellness. Below are a few wellness programs that every strong benefits program should include: 

1. Fitness reimbursement

Certain benefit program master plans offer discounts to contracted fitness centers at least 12 times per month for employees. Some even offer the option to nominate local fitness centers to participate in the program at discounted rates!

2. Health coaching

Wellness coaching can help employees understand their overall health risks and access the tools to make changes in their health behaviors and lifestyle. Great plans offer coaching in:

  • Weight management
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Heart health lifestyle
  • Diabetes lifestyle
  • Nutrition

3. Health screenings 

Some providers offer at-home biometric screening to access glucose (blood sugar level) and cholesterol levels. These can help employees better understand their health risks and learn about the wellness numbers that may help manage and improve overall health.

4. Health discounts

A health discount program helps your employees and their families save up to 10 to 25 percent on non-covered health and wellness purchases from participating providers. They may also save on services that are not covered by the plan or are above plan limits.

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